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avocadoFor those of you that have not heard of a ketogenic diet and are not technical, you may wish to skip over the heavier parts, but I have endeavored to keep the information as simple as possible, but I can only do this to a degree, because both the average person and the health professional needs some technical information, to understand properly the implications this diet has on your health and well being.

deadliftThe deadlift is a compound movement meaning it uses many muscle groups and is one of 3 power lifting exercises. Ie Squats/Bench Press/Deadlifts.

It is definitely one of my favorite exercises because of these fantastic benefits.

lacto fermentation 861551 640Fermentation was used often in our past as a common food preservation method. It is recognized as a way to increase our good gut microbes and bacteria which have a profound influence on our overall health and well being. These days the gut microbiome as it is called, is being studied widely and recent studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the makeup of your intestinal flora can have an impact on many things including whether you lose or gain weight.