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shutterstock 311180945 1Leptin and Ghrelin are two opposing hormones that along with insulin effects the way our brain controls fat metabolism. Following a calorie restrictive diet these two hormones are mainly responsible for fat going back to pre-diet levels. Note: If leptin is low ghrelin will be high.

cholesterolOver the months and years I have been researching this topic and it seems that most health practitioners still believe in the doctrine that high LDL and high total cholesterol equates to high cardiovascular death risks. The latest findings suggests this is not true and that the highest lipid risk factor is the amount of LDL particles, (LDL-P) not how much cholesterol they carry.

gymweightsThe first thing you need to do when working out a resistance program is to establish a strength baseline to work from. This is how much weight you can lift for 10 reps in each exercise. For an example lets start with Bench Press, other exercises use the same principle.