Personal Training with a world of experience.

Graeme Pearce is a former owner of 4 gyms, a regular trainer and helped untold numbers of clients over the years to achieve real and lasting change in their lives through fitness and nutrition that is designed for real life... and real living. What does this experience bring to you?



For those seeking to gain strength again after injury, or wishing to go in to their latter years with strength and dignity, Graeme has the experience to take you on a journey that is true PERSONAL fitness - not just whatever is a fad right now. Each client is an individual with a story, a set of circumstances and their own goals. You will never be given a "program." You will receive training that is all about who you are and where you're at.

Body Change


Some want to gain mass. Others want to tone-up after weight loss. Yet others still are determined to lose fat. And whilst the principles for each of these kinds of body change can be consistent across all people, no one body is the same as any other. And no one life is the same as any other. We'll get together and look at realistic goals that work with the life you lead. And together we'll achieve the very best you that we can.


Whether you have faced neurodegenerative disease, injury or are in a post-operative state, chances are that there is a better more mobile version of you waiting to be brought out. And that's where we can work together on a personal and customised plan to get you moving. I have worked with many clients from many backgrounds over the last 30 years and whilst every body is different, they've all sought real and lasting change.

Who do I train?

Whilst it's easy to say, everyone, every trainer has their specialist areas. However, with over 30 years of experience, I've covered every age group.

The Golden Years

The Golden Years

Just because you're not 19 anymore doesn't mean you can't have a full, healthy and active life. Few trainers have the years behind them to fully understand the subtle differences in training the mature body.

Elite Athletes

Elite Athletes

High performance takes a lot of focus, custom programming and constant measurement. As a former NABBA Mr Universe finalist, Graeme understands the commitment required for training elite performers.

Kids Sport


Nothing builds confidence and self-esteem quite like physical activity and sporting competence. Graeme has decades of experience in training children for sport and personal development.


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